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About Lash Extensions:

Lash extensions are made from synthetic mink, natural mink, silk, and cashmere fibers. All of which are applied to each natural lash by a trained esthetician with a specially formulated adhesive. This procedure usually takes about 2 hours for a full new set and lasts 2-3 weeks depending on the natural lash shedding speed of the individual.

Types of Extensions:

Eyeconic Classic Lashes

Classic– A single independent lash extension is attached to each individual natural lash. Fullness and style depend highly on the amount of natural lashes available. Recommended for individuals with dense natural lashes but looking for length and darkness.

Hybrid Set

Hybrid– A mixture of both independent extensions and volume fans. Allows technician to fill in gaps in natural lashes and create definition with volume. This method is often used to create variety of looks with different textures and lengths.

eyeconic volume

Volume– A small fan, consisting of thinner extensions, attached to each individual natural lash. Fans can be 2D-10D depending on strength of natural lash to hold more extensions. Very fluffy and full look.

Recommendations for longer lasting lashes:

  1. Avoid oil based face washes and products.
  2. Don’t rub eyes or pull on lashes- try to use lash comb provided.
  3. Wash lashes with gentle lash cleanser to prevent oil/debris build up.
  4. Be careful not to tug at lashes when wiping face- patting dry is best.
  5. Do not use makeup wipes on eyes as the fibers in the wipes will stick to the lash base.